My First Kwanzaa Book

  • Author / Illustrator: Deborah Chocolate / Cal Massey
  • Informational
  • Age Range/Level Recommendation: 4 – 9 yrs.

Summary: When you celebrate Kwanzaa the last week of December is a time to dress up in African clothes and gather together with relatives from all over the country to celebrate our heritage.

Themes/Tags: African culture, celebrations, family, heritage


  1. Why was Kwanzaa started?
  2. Why do you think candles are lite as part of Kwanzaa?

Extension Activities:

Make a simple kinara from rectangles, from a egg cartoon or toilet paper tubes.

Make a pasta necklace from the 3 colors of Kwanzaa

Comment: This book has good information that a teacher and simplify for even younger children.

Personal / PB

Suggested reading:

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