Wriggly Pig

  • Author / Illustrator: Jon Blake / Susie Jenkin-Pearce
  • Humor
  • Age Range/Level Recommendation:  3-6 yrs.

Summary: Wriggly Pig is not able to be still. His wiggling and fidgeting causes problems throughout the day while the family is out and about. Then suddenly Wriggly Pig isn’t wiggling any more and it really scares the family. They realize there is something worse than a wiggling, fidgeting pig.

Themes/Tags: family, compassion, self-awareness


  1. Why do you think wriggly pig cannot stay still?
  2. Why were his family scared after Wriggly Pig slammed into the mailbox?
  3. Can you think of something the family could have done to help Wriggly Pig to be still?

Extension Activities:

  1. Make active movement dice. Decide on different actions, movement, exercises and place one on each side of a dice. place numbers 1-6 on the other dice. Roll the dice and do the action the number that shows up. From Sesame Street Healthy Habits for Life material dice sheets to cut out and paste up – pages 15 & 16
  2. Try the “Silent Game” originally read about at Living Montessori Now.
  3. Great post with ideas/directives for doing creative activity movement. Movement games are great to do after a book such as this.

Comment: Cute, fun book to read, especially with a young group that is itself wiggly. Also can be used when doing a family unit study.

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