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Just Plain Fancy

Author / Illustrator: Patricia Polacco Realism Age Range/Level Recommendation:  4 – 9 yrs. Summary:  Naomi, a young Amish girl, longs to have something fancy in her life. One day as she and her sister are searching the field for eggs, they stumble upon a peculiar-looking one. The girls slip the egg into hen house and […]

Wriggly Pig

Author / Illustrator: Jon Blake / Susie Jenkin-Pearce Humor Age Range/Level Recommendation:  3-6 yrs. Summary: Wriggly Pig is not able to be still. His wiggling and fidgeting causes problems throughout the day while the family is out and about. Then suddenly Wriggly Pig isn’t wiggling any more and it really scares the family. They realize […]

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The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Author / Illustrator: Linda Williams / Megan lloyd Fantasy Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (3-7 yrs.) Summary: Once upon a time there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything. On her walk home one evening as it was getting late she meet some interesting items. Clomp Clomp, Wiggle Wiggle, Shake Shake, […]

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Mouse Shapes

Author / Illustrator: Ellen Stoll Walsh Concept Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (2-6 yrs.) Summary: 3 mice are being chased by a cat. They escape into a pile of shapes. They start to play with the shapes and end up finding a way to scare the cat away. Themes: imagination, problem solving, working together, shapes […]

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Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest

Author / Illustrator: Gerald McDermott Folktale Grade Range/Level Recommendation: middle reader (4-8 yrs.) Caldecott Honor Book ALA Notable Children’s Book Boston Globe – Horn Book Honor New York Public Library: 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing Summary:  Raven, in Native American tradition is a powerful trickster. In this tale Raven feels sorry for those who […]

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The Puddle

Author / Illustrator: David McPhail Fiction Grade Range/Level Recommendation: middle reader (3-6 yrs.) Summary:  A rainy day finds a young boy heading out to play in a puddle with his boat. A frog hijacks the boat. The turtle doesn’t help even after being crashed into. The boy cannot get his boat because his mother told […]

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Author / Illustrator: Paul Fleischman/ Kevin Hawkes Fantasy Grade Range/Level Recommendation: middle reader (7-12 yrs.) Parents’ Choice  Silver Honor Award School Library Journal Best Book of the Year Summary: Most of Wesley’s peers would call him geeky. He doesn’t like anything that is normal for his community and is friendless. Over the summer school break […]

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Winnie Finn, Worm Farmer

Author / Illustrator: Carol Brendler/ Ard Hoyt Realism Fiction Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (4-8 yrs.) Canadian Children’s Book Centre – exceptional calibre, 2010 Chickadee Nominee 2010-2011 Summary: Winnie Finn knows everything about earthworms. When spring arrives, the Quincy County fair gives her an idea for winning a prize for her worms. Then she could […]

Charlotte’s Web

Author / Illustrator: E.B. White/ Garth Williams Fantasy Grade Range/Level Recommendation: middle reader (7-12 yrs.) Newbery Honors book for 1953 Massachusetts Children’s Book Award (1984) Horn Book Fanfare A Harper Blue Ribbon Book Summary: Wilbur, a runt pig is saved from death, by a young girl named Fern. As he grows Fern has to give […]

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Author Illustrator: Bill Thomson Wordless/Fantasy Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (4-8 yrs.) 2011 ALA Notable Children’s Books, Younger Readers Summary: Three children in the park on a rainy day find a bag of chalk hanging of a playground ride. They start to draw and find this bag of chalk is special. Whatever they draw comes […]