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Are you a Snail?

Author / Illustrator: Judy Allen / Tudor Humphries Informational Age Range/Level Recommendation: 4-8 yrs. Summary: Learn about snails as young snail faces challenges as it tries to grow safely into an adult. Themes/Tags: science, snails Questions: What is the difference between a snail and a slug? How do snail survive the cold of winter? Who […]

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Wonderful Worms

Author / Illustrator: Linda Glaser / Loretta Krupinski Informational Age Range/Level Recommendation:  4-8 yrs. Summary: All about worms. How they function and improve our soils. Themes/Tags: science, worms Questions: What do we use worms for? Where do worms go in the winter? Why do you see lots of worms on our driveway after a heavy […]

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On the Day You Were Born

Author / Illustrator: Debra Fraiser Poetry Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (3-8 yrs.) Parents’ Choice Award Summary:  All children love to hear the story of how they can into the world. This book combines the mythical and scientific to  explain how the sun, moon, ocean tides, rain, trees, air, animals and people of the world […]

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I Am an Apple

Author / Illustrator: Jean Marzello / Judith Moffatt Concept, Informational Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (4-8 yrs.) Summary: Shows the life cycle of an apple. Follows from bud to table. The focus however is on the apple’s growing cycle. Themes: life cycle Questions: What is needed for an apple to grow from bud to fully […]

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The Apple Pie Tree

Author / Illustrator: Zoe Hall / Shari Halpern Informational, Concept Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (3-8 yrs.) Summary: Two sisters happily follow the cycle of an apple tree in their yard from winter til fall when the apples are ready to pick. Pollination and the role of weather are introduced. As the apples grow a […]

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The Day-Glo Brothers: True Story of Bob and Joe Switzer’s Bright Ideas and Brand-New Colors

Author / Illustrator: Chris Barton / Tony Persiani Biography Grade Range/Level Recommendation: middle reader (7-12 yrs.) The Robert F. Sibert Honor Book Summary: The story of the Switzer brothers who working with ultraviolet light and fluorescent colors developed Day-Glo colors. Themes: invention, imagination Questions: What are some of the ways Day-Glo colors helped  the allies […]

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Under the Snow

Author / Illustrator: Melissa Stewart/ Constance R. Bergum Information Grade Range/Level Recommendation: young reader (4-8 yrs.) Children’s Cooperative Book Center Choice Junior Library Guild selection Maine Chickadee Award nominee National Science Teachers Association—Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book Society of School Librarians Intl, Best Book, Science Surrey, British Columbia Schools’ Book of the Year […]

A Harvest Moon…..

We all have our books for reading circle/story time that we plan around the theme we are doing or specific skills we are working on. However, there are times that occur outside these themes that a good story fits with and it really needs to be read then. As teachers, we need to feel we […]

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